Resources to cope with negative emotions

Anger is a feeling that is experienced by many people. It can be triggered by many things, such as situations of injustice, betrayal, and abandonment.
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There are many reasons for feeling annoyance. One way we can feel annoyed is when people do not listen to what we say to them or when they say something that can be interpreted as a personal attack on somebody.
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Anxiety is the feeling of unease and worry that a person gets before something happens, which often doesn't happen at all. An example would be when a person is nervous about a job interview.
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Boredom is a feeling of restlessness, dissatisfaction, and lack of interest. It’s often a reaction to the environment and situations that people are in, or a response to the people they are with.
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Contempt is defined as a feeling that one has for an individual or act that is based on a lack of respect. People often feel contempt for someone who they think is beneath them for whatever reason.
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Depression is a state of loss of interest in most activities and decreased motivation. It's more than just a bad mood, it’s a physical burden that can make performing everyday tasks seem impossible.
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We have all been at a time in our lives where we felt lost. We did not know what to do and where to turn.
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The inevitable feeling of disappointment is often caused by the anticipation of a certain event or situation. Anticipation is the act of expecting, and in turn, lowers the incidence of disappointment.
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There are many things that could make a person feel disgusted. Some people might feel disgusted because they found a dirty object that was touching their food, while others might feel disgusted after eating something that made them sick.
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Doubt can be viewed as an absence of confidence in oneself. Doubt typically causes people to question and waver on topics.
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Embarrassment is a feeling of confusion, and sometimes anger or humiliation. This feeling is experienced when you do something that you were either told not to do or when you realize that you did something wrong in public.
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Envy is the feeling or emotion which occurs when someone is not happy with what they have, and they see that someone else has a better quality of life than them. A person may feel envy if their friend gets more attention from their parents, has a better house, or lives in a nicer neighborhood.
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A person feels fear when they expect to experience a negative event or believe they are in a situation where they will be harmed. Fear is a normal human emotion that varies in degree from mild apprehension to intense terror.
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Frustration is a state of feeling that you cannot accomplish what you want. It is usually caused by being stuck in a difficult situation and unable to see any quick way out of the problem.
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If people are not ashamed of their past, they typically feel guilt. Guilt is a feeling that someone does something wrong and that they should feel bad about it.
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Almost everyone has felt helpless at least once in their life. The feeling can be triggered by many things, such as feeling that you are being unfairly treated, being in a high pressure situation, or making a bad mistake that is causing others to suffer.
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As humans, we are often driven by our emotions, and sometimes, these emotions are ones that cause us to be scared. When we feel scared, we immediately experience fear in the form of adrenaline.
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There are many situations that can make a person feel hurt. A family could be broken because of hurt feelings.
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Insecurity is a feeling that a person might get when they can't find good qualities in themselves or when they are trying to get their point across and the other person just keeps talking and doesn't let them say anything. It can be caused by many things, like being lied to by someone who had promised to always tell the truth to you, or having someone who had been your best friend turn out to be very two-faced.
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One way to describe an irritation is to say that it is the feeling that something is wrong because it does not feel right. The inner feeling of being hurt or annoyed by something.
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First, what isolation feels like is a sense of being alone, and disconnected from the world. There is an inability to form a close connection with people around them.
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Loneliness is a feeling that is felt when a person doesn't feel loved or needed. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it is a powerful sensation that makes them feel unwanted and unloved.
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When looking at the definition of misery, one can see that feeling miserable is like feeling sad or sorrowful. There are many different perspectives of what it feels like to be miserable.
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The natural things that happen in one’s life as a result of events which are not under their control can bring about fear and make someone nervous. Nervousness is a feeling of anxiety or apprehension.
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There are many different types of panic attacks, including a psychogenic attack, an orgasmic panic attack, a hyperventilation attack, and a fearful anticipation panic attack. The most common type of panic attack is the stress induced or stress related panic attack.
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A feeling of powerlessness is an uncomfortable feeling of being unable to deal with a situation or people. It can include feelings of frustration, anger, worthlessness, and inadequacy.
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Some people feel regret when they have done something that they do not want to do. When someone has sex with a person they thought was attractive, but then found out that the person liked them less, then the person might feel regret.
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When people experience rejection, it is important that they understand the cause. It is common to feel rejection when our needs are not met.
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Sadness is a feeling when a person cannot help but cry. This feeling can happen for many reasons, such as when a loved one has passed away, or when one is experiencing great heartache.
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A person feels shame when they believe they have done or said something that will make them be looked down on by others. People feel shame when they do something embarrassing, or when someone tells them how they should correct themselves in the future and makes them feel foolish about their embarrassment.
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Shock is what a person feels when they are exposed to something overwhelming, such as an extremely negative event. It is when an overwhelmingly negative event happens that is a major surprise to the victim.
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When a person feels sorrow, they may feel sad or unhappy, and will have a sense of being burdened with emotions. There could be many reasons that a person could feel sorrowful, such as feeling helpless, escaping reality, or trying to make sense of what happened.
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Stressors are events or activities that can cause the body to react by releasing stress hormones. Some of these hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol, can have beneficial effects on the body.
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There are many types of suffering people can feel. These range from physical pain to more emotional things, like sadness.
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Anxiety is often described as a feeling of tension, but it is more than just that. There are many different types of anxiety, such as general anxiety disorder (GAD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
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A person who feels unhappiness would most likely feel this way because of their circumstances. They would become unhappy because they are not receiving enough love, have a lack of sufficient food or are experiencing an illness.
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A person feels worry because they are uncertain about what will happen and are making guesses, or predictions, about what may happen. Worry is an emotion that people experience because they are uncertain about what will happen and are making guesses, or predictions, about what may happen.
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