12 deep questions to ask yourself when you feel guilt

  1. Where does this guilt come from?
  2. What am I guilty of?
  3. Is it what someone has done to me or is it what I have done to myself because of my decisionmaking?
  4. Did someone tell me I should feel guilty?
  5. What is it that is true for me right now in this moment, without getting into past or future events?
  6. What is it that I am using as a reason to feel this guilt right now?
  7. Did someone else do something that makes me feel bad about myself?
  8. Did I do something that makes me feel bad about myself?
  9. Do I feel guilty because of something someone told me today?
  10. Am I not living up to my own standards for myself?
  11. Did I do something wrong?
  12. Did I disappoint someone today?

10 tips on how to deal with guilt

  1. Write down your negative thoughts to see if they are true and then dispute each one by listing the evidence.
  2. Understand that guilt is a feeling, not a fact.
  3. Tell someone how sorry you are.
  4. Start doing random acts of kindness.
  5. Give yourself time to adjust.
  6. Give someone an apology hug.
  7. Focus on the things you can control and not the things you are powerless over.
  8. Focus on the good stuff that you've done in your life
  9. Explore the root of the guilt and identify where the feeling is coming from.
  10. Be mindful of your own needs and how they are met (food, sleep, sex, connection with friends).

How guilt affects you

If people are not ashamed of their past, they typically feel guilt. Guilt is a feeling that someone does something wrong and that they should feel bad about it. They may feel bad for making the other person feel bad or for doing something to hurt them.