11 deep questions to ask yourself when you feel hurt

  1. What is my thinking behind feeling hurt?
  2. What is my body telling me about how it feels to be hurt right now?
  3. What could I do in the future to avoid feeling hurt in these situations again?
  4. What am I telling myself about the other person that’s making me feel this way?
  5. Is there anything the other person should have done that would have made me feel better and avoid being hurt? If so, what could they have done?
  6. Is there anything I think I should have done that would have made the other person feel better and avoid being hurt myself?
  7. What is the best that could happen if I do not feel hurt today?
  8. What has caused me to feel this way in the past?
  9. Who around me might have influenced these feelings?
  10. What is the worst that could happen if I do not feel hurt today?
  11. Was there a trigger that might have set me off?

7 tips on how to deal with hurt

  1. Write about your feelings in a journal and see how you can cope with your emotions in that way.
  2. Take care of your body, eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep to heal and recover from the hurt you are feeling.
  3. See a therapist for talking therapy support for managing feelings of anger or sadness without turning them into selfharmful behaviors like substance abuse or eating disorders, which are coping strategies that can become harmful over time and may not be sustainable in the long run even though they offer temporary relief from pain.
  4. Increase your activity level with exercise or doing things you enjoy.
  5. Get a pet, that can serve as a companion and help you get through tough times, by giving love or hiding under the couch.
  6. Draw pictures that represent what is going on in your life at the moment to understand it better and gain new perspectives on the situation.
  7. Break the silence — talk to someone.

How hurt affects you

There are many situations that can make a person feel hurt. A family could be broken because of hurt feelings. If a family is broken because of hurt feelings, there is no hope for the future and everybody can get hurt even more. Families should not break up because of hurt feelings or because someone gets angry. Friendships can also be damaged because of hurt feelings, which can lead to angry words and broken relationships. Hurt feelings are very serious and should not be ignored. Hurt feeling is feeling bad or uncomfortable that comes when someone says something wrong or does something wrong to the other person.