10 deep questions to ask yourself when you feel insecurity

  1. What is something someone has done today that has not allowed me to be that person I want to be?
  2. What are my underlying insecurities?
  3. Is it because I am worried about my friends liking my posts on social media?
  4. Is it because I am feeling like my family doesn't like me?
  5. How can the people around me help me through this more than they currently are?
  6. Do I feel unsafe because I have body image insecurities?
  7. Do I feel that everyone's life is going better than mine?
  8. Did someone who I thought was a friend, just let me down today?
  9. What is the root of this insecurity?
  10. Have I felt this way before?

10 tips on how to deal with insecurity

  1. Seek emotional support from a close friend, family member, or therapist.
  2. Search for the belief that is feeding the negative emotions and replace it with a more positive one.
  3. Practice selfcompassion and kindness.
  4. Look up at the sky and think of how small your problems are in comparison to everything else.
  5. Get a pet.
  6. Figure out what you want in life, and work towards them.
  7. Figure out what you are good at, or what your strengths are and share it with others.
  8. Figure out what you are bad at, and work on fixing them.
  9. Examine the negative feelings .
  10. Be mindful of your selftalk.

How insecurity affects you

Insecurity is a feeling that a person might get when they can't find good qualities in themselves or when they are trying to get their point across and the other person just keeps talking and doesn't let them say anything. It can be caused by many things, like being lied to by someone who had promised to always tell the truth to you, or having someone who had been your best friend turn out to be very two-faced.