13 deep questions to ask yourself when you feel isolation

  1. Is it possible there is another episode of depression coming on?
  2. Am I judging myself harshly for having feelings of isolation today?
  3. What am I putting off because of feeling isolated today?
  4. Am I feeling isolated as a result of my mental health state today?
  5. What are my triggers for feeling isolated that are not related to the day’s events, like feeling stressed or scared?
  6. Am I feeling isolated because of my own thoughts?
  7. What is the most important thing I can do to improve my mood today?
  8. Am I feeling isolated because of my past relationships?
  9. Am I feeling isolated because of my past experiences?
  10. Where am I focusing my attention?
  11. Do I feel isolated because I am not used to feeling this way?
  12. What are my expectations of myself today?
  13. Is it because the people that I spend time with are not giving me what I need?

7 tips on how to deal with isolation

  1. Visit a pet store and look at all the animals.
  2. Research and find local organizations for your specific needs (AlAnon, Caregivers for Alzheimer's, etc.) and join them.
  3. Make a list of all your friends and family members who support you.
  4. Join a support group that has people with similar problems as you do (such as depression).
  5. Join a book club, cooking group, or other group that meets regularly outside your home (even if it’s just an online group).
  6. Go outside or get fresh air in some way like taking a walk, gardening, or going for a bike ride.
  7. Do something nice for someone else — volunteer at the animal shelter, donate clothes to the Red Cross, buy coffee at Starbucks for the person behind you in line.

How isolation affects you

First, what isolation feels like is a sense of being alone, and disconnected from the world. There is an inability to form a close connection with people around them. The feeling of isolation is accompanied by fear and anger. It makes one not want to be social in situations where they are surrounded by people that they feel do not care about them.