12 deep questions to ask yourself when you feel misery

  1. What is the worst thing happening in my life right now?
  2. Was I doing something I don’t want to be doing?
  3. Is there something I want to do that I can’t do?
  4. Did I get up and not have breakfast? Did I go to work and not drink water? Ate too much sugar the night before?
  5. Are my clothes too tight or don't fit right?
  6. Am I in some physical pain or need medication I don’t have?
  7. Am I hungry, tired, thirsty, lonely, stressed out or just feeling blah?
  8. What can I do to stop these feelings?
  9. Why do I feel this way?
  10. What am I feeling miserable about?
  11. What are my pain levels on a scale of 110 with 10 being worst possible pain and 1 being little to no pain at all?
  12. How long has it been since ____ (time of day, medicine, food, exercise)?

7 tips on how to deal with misery

  1. Wake up early and go to bed early.
  2. Treat yourself with dignity and respect.
  3. Limit media consumption.
  4. Join a therapy group, or talk to a therapist, to learn about coping with your misery.
  5. Get organized.
  6. Figure out what you have going for you that balances out the bad in your life.
  7. Avoid routine.

How misery affects you

When looking at the definition of misery, one can see that feeling miserable is like feeling sad or sorrowful. There are many different perspectives of what it feels like to be miserable. To some people, they may feel like they are in a dark place without hope. Others may understand their feelings as something in between being sad and being angry. There are even those who experience pleasure by being miserable. The word "misery" comes from the word "Miser". Misers were people who hoarded their wealth and were reluctant to spend any of it. This leads to a feeling of being miserly and stingy with oneself, which is akin to negativity, or a disagreeable outlook.