10 deep questions to ask yourself when you feel nervousness

  1. What is making me nervous right now? Is this thought/feeling/event reasonable? Why or why not?
  2. What are my sources of discomfort?
  3. Is there anything I can do to resolve my discomfort?
  4. How can I reduce the impact of this thought/feeling/event on me? What should I do about it?
  5. Do I need to prepare myself for something difficult or stressful?
  6. What am I worrying about that is causing my nerves to be so high?
  7. What am I feeling bad about that is causing my nerves to flare up?
  8. Is someone else on my mind today and causing me to feel nervous?
  9. Do I have an upcoming event that I am nervous about?
  10. Am I nervous about something I did this morning?

8 tips on how to deal with nervousness

  1. Limit your caffeine intake to a cup or less per day.
  2. Keep a journal of the activities that calm you and what makes you nervous.
  3. If anxiety is causing muscle tension, loosen up any tight garments or tighten up loose ones. Try a breathing exercise such as taking deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth for a few minutes. Place one hand on top of the other and place them over your stomach so it pushes out with each breath you take.
  4. Give yourself another minute.
  5. Do activities that relax you.
  6. Concentrate on something that makes you happy, such as a memorable moment or the things you are looking forward to doing later in the day.
  7. Avoid foods that make you feel uncomfortable. Eliminate alcohol and red meat from your diet.
  8. Accept it.

How nervousness affects you

The natural things that happen in one’s life as a result of events which are not under their control can bring about fear and make someone nervous. Nervousness is a feeling of anxiety or apprehension. It can be caused by one thing and it often leads to other things as well. There are many times when people feel nervousness. The causes of feeling nervousness can come from many different areas. Nervousness is an emotional response to stress, and it's a normal reaction to something that scares or worries you. Whether you are facing your fears or simply trying to manage the stressors in your life, you may experience anxiety and the accompanying symptoms of nervousness.