11 deep questions to ask yourself when you feel regret

  1. Did I do something wrong? What mistake did I make?
  2. What are the negatives about this situation that I need to accept in order to overcome this regret?
  3. What are the positives about this situation that I can focus on in order to alleviate some regret?
  4. Am I generalizing about what might happen as a result of this regret happening?
  5. Am I focusing on the future and what might happen as a result of this regret?
  6. Am I thinking about how I should have acted differently?
  7. Am I thinking in a way that will strengthen or weaken my resolve?
  8. Who is affected by my actions, and how my actions affect their life?
  9. What could I have done differently?
  10. What can I do now to minimize the mistakes that happen in the future?
  11. Is it because I wanted to do something but didn't?

8 tips on how to deal with regret

  1. Try to find a way to fix the situation so you can feel better about it, such as apologizing or making amends where possible.
  2. Take responsibility for your actions and try to learn from the experience.
  3. Practice detachment so you don't let regret control your life.
  4. Identify the sources of your regrets and try to eliminate them or minimize their impact on your life.
  5. Grieve what you don't have, but try to find peace with it.
  6. Find new activities and interests which can replace those activities you regret not doing.
  7. Do things to make you happy, such as finding new hobbies, reconnecting with old friends, or learning new skills.
  8. Accept your past and all that it entails as part of the journey of life.

How regret affects you

Some people feel regret when they have done something that they do not want to do. When someone has sex with a person they thought was attractive, but then found out that the person liked them less, then the person might feel regret. It's a feeling of sadness, disappointment or shame that comes about from the realization that one's actions have had an unintended negative consequence.