12 deep questions to ask yourself when you feel sadness

  1. What is the significance of my sadness today?
  2. What events might have led to my sadness?
  3. What could I have done differently to avoid feeling sad in these situations?
  4. What are the emotions that are included in my sadness? How do I feel those emotions in my body?
  5. What are the different situations in the past where I've felt this way?
  6. What am I thinking about when it occurs to me to feel sad?
  7. What am I doing when I get a feeling of sadness?
  8. Is it possible that my sadness is a result of something else entirely, like feeling overwhelmed at work or feeling unsettled by some external event?
  9. Is it because I’ve been triggered by a past experience?
  10. Could my sadness be connected to physical changes that occurred today?
  11. Am I feeling sad because someone close to me is going through something bad?
  12. Am I feeling sad because I’m struggling with something in my life?

9 tips on how to deal with sadness

  1. Write in a journal. Take the time to write down what you're feeling and why you feel that way.
  2. Start with the easiest of all: get an adequate amount of sleep.
  3. Seek comfort in others. When you’re feeling down and out, sometimes it can be comforting to speak to someone who listens and who cares about you. A family member or friend may have some good advice that they can share with you to make you feel better.
  4. Meditate. it can help you feel better and more focused on what you want to do with life.
  5. Exercise. There are many forms of exercise that can relieve stress and sadness, from cardio to yoga. Try at least one for a few weeks and see what it does for you.
  6. Embrace your feelings. Your feelings are real and you should never feel bad for expressing them, no matter what they are.
  7. Drink a protein shake, which will provide your body with nutrients that will help strengthen your immune system and make you feel better overall—all while reducing the risks associated with depression and anxiety.
  8. Distract yourself. Getting lost in a good book, watching TV, or playing games are all great ways to distract yourself from negative thoughts and feelings.
  9. Create something. Find a hobby in which you can channel your energy into something creative and watch your mood improve.

How sadness affects you

Sadness is a feeling when a person cannot help but cry. This feeling can happen for many reasons, such as when a loved one has passed away, or when one is experiencing great heartache. Some people may rely on substances such as alcohol or other drugs to numb themselves from the pain of the sadness that they are feeling.